Tailor Made Suits

Tailor Made Suits

The decision to have a tailor made suit is one we take seriously. The process of design, measuring and cloth choice all relate to the final product.


In most cases, depending on build and body characteristics, this process will determine whether the suit fits you correctly or not.

We believe to have a tailor made suit you need an experienced tailor to guide you through every step, holding your hand if you like, to ensure your expectations are met. Never underestimate the value of an experienced tailor in helping you choose the correct suit

We find all customers benefit from our knowledge of cloth and construction and therefore learn a little with every visit.

There is an art to the construction and fitting of any tailor made garment and it lies very much in the eye of the tailor. Yes there is a science behind the measurements we take, but there are things that cannot be simply measured and simply sewing a suit together does not ensure to right fit.

The fall of material over the human form can present its own unique problems but when executed properly, hides our imperfections and highlights our strengths. Salesmen are not tailors and usually can’t see the difficulties that some body’s present. For these reasons, your tailor is the most important aspect of the process, a challenge we accept week after week.

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Appointments are preferred for your initial visit.

We look forward to helping you with your enquiry.

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